Newly Elected Mayor of St Neots

At the Annual Town Council meeting held on 21st May 2019 Cllr Gordon Thorpe was elected as Town Mayor and Cllr Christine Green was elected as his Deputy.

“It was a humbling experience to be elected as the Town Mayor of St. Neots again by my fellow councillors. Having served as Mayor from 2009 to 2011, I am fully aware of the responsibility and trust placed in me and will do my utmost to serve the people of St. Neots with integrity and an open approach.  St. Neots is going through an unprecedented period of expansion and change, and I pledge myself to work with any and every agency involved to achieve the best for my hometown. There are many and varied voluntary organisations working in and around our town and I am ready to assist them in any way that I can for these organisations are the life blood of our town. I look forward to a productive and interesting year in Office with the support of my fellow Councillors and Officers of the Council. Let Saint Neots Flourish” Cllr Gordon Thorpe

“I am humbled to be voted in as Deputy Mayor and will do my best to support the Mayor and to serve our town in this role” Cllr Christine Green