Notice of Safety Inspection of Memorials

Under the provisions of the Health and Safety Act 1974 St Neots Town Council have a duty to ensure the safety of their employees, contractors and members of the public visiting our cemeteries.

In order to meet this obligation an independent Memorial Inspection Company has been contracted to carry out safety testing work in our cemeteries which will be undertaken from November 2018.

If you require further information, please click the link below or contact our offices:  Tel: 01480 388911

Memorial Safety Inspection Information

The Town Council is responsible for three cemeteries in St Neots:

ST NEOTS CEMETERY is located in Cemetery Road, St Neots. There are three sections:

  • St Neots Old Cemetery
  • St Neots New Cemetery
  • St Neots Lawn Cemetery

The Old and New sections are now full and there are no graves available to purchase, although pre-purchased or existing graves may be opened or re-opened for future interments.

Full burial and cremated remains plots are available in the Lawn Cemetery. Please note that there are restrictions of the types of memorials allowed in this Cemetery. Further details are available in the Lawn Cemetery Rules and Regulations below.

EATON SOCON CEMETERY is located in Little End Road, Eaton Socon and has only cremated remains plots available.

EYNESBURY CEMETERY is located in Howitts Gardens, Eynesbury and has limited burial and ashes plots available.

Graves may be purchased direct from the Town Council or through a funeral director during the arrangement of an interment. When you purchase a grave space, you will receive a Deed of Grant giving you the Exclusive Right of Burial in that plot for 100 years. Please note that this does not mean that you own the land, just the right to the grave space.

Important points to consider when purchasing a grave space:

  • Whose name should the grave be registered in? The grave-owner’s written permission must be given before any interment or memorial work can be authorised. If the Deed of Grant is registered in the name of more than one person, the written permission of all owners will be needed.
  • Who will inherit ownership of the grave upon the death of the grave-owner? A grave-owner may be interred in their own grave; however ownership must then be transferred before any future interment or memorial work takes place.

The Deed of Grant issued by the Town Council is your proof of ownership and, as such, is an important document which should be kept safely and presented to the Town Council when an interment takes place.

Full burial interments can be arranged through local funeral directors. Cremated remains interments can be arranged through a funeral director or through the Town Council.

If you would like to arrange a private cremated remains (ashes) interment, involving just family and friends, we are able to arrange this for you. Please contact the Town Council for further details. A list of applicable charges can be found below.

For ashes interments arranged by the Town Council, a member of our Operations Team will meet you at the cemetery, having prepared the grave beforehand. They will be on hand to assist during the ashes interment and then back-fill the grave afterwards.

As grave-owner, you can apply to erect a memorial on the grave space you own. Local stone masons can advise on suitable memorials. Please remember that memorials in the Lawn Cemetery may only be one headstone up to a maximum of 40″ high on full burial plots or an 18″x2″x18″ flat tablet on cremated remains plots. A vase may be incorporated with either memorial.

Memorial benches and trees may also be purchased through the Town Council to be sited in the Lawn Cemetery. Please contact us for further information.

Upon the death of the grave-owner, the transfer of grave ownership must be completed before:

  • a further interment can take place in the grave (apart from the interment of the grave owner)
  • an additional inscription is added to an existing memorial
  • a new memorial is to be erected

To transfer ownership:

  • If the deceased owner left a valid will, the Town Council will need a sealed copy of probate or grant of letters of administration. The grave will be then transferred to the deceased’s executors or administrator.
  • If no valid will exists, the deceased’s next of kin will need to sign a statutory declaration (provided by the Town Council) which must be witnessed by a magistrate or commissioner for oaths.

Please contact the Town Council on 01480 388911 for further information on any of the above.

Copies of the Lawn Cemetery Rules and Regulations, Cemetery Fees and a map of the new Lawn Cemetery can be viewed here: